“Creativity is just connecting things.
when you ask creative people how they did
something, they feel a little guilty
because they didn’t really do it, they
just saw something. It seemed obvious
to them after a while.”

Steve Jobs

the process

Every creator is unique, therefore your program will be tailored around your needs. From short engagement ‘tweaks’ to longer term ‘revamps.’ Working around your schedule, in-person where possible, otherwise online.

Creative upgrades are delivered through various activities. Bespoke, one-to-one, teams, one-to-many sessions, workshops and job shadowing. During an initial ‘deep-dive’ session, we will establish your needs, formulate a program
and discuss fees.

There are four stages to the do-be-do process:


We discuss your aspirations and your fears with curiosity, kindness and humour.


Fear, in all it’s forms, is the true enemy of creativity. Creativity coaching is a powerful way of learning about yourself and makes space to explore what’s possible.


We give you the psychological tools to overcome creative blocks and learn how to nurture your creative impulses.

We also show you how to prioritise, so you know how and when to dial your efforts up or down.


Sometimes we need to push the reset button. This gives you a number of ways to do just that so you can re-energise, as and when you need to.

Creativity can be painful. I’ll show you how to grasp the nettle and love it.