“Nobby is an excellent coach.
He has so much varied
experience and from it he
has derived a store of wisdom
which he deploys
with subtlety and precision.
But more importantly, before
he reaches into it he listens,
absorbs and considers.
He guides you to
discover in yourself the
answers that you need.”

Paul Kitcatt, CEO & Founder, Kitcatt & Croke

Nobby has the ability to unlock your
creative potential using his many
years of industry experience alongside
fun and engaging practical exercises.”

George Chinn, Creative Director, Eagle & Beagle

“Having Nobby as my creativity coach
is just brilliant. He’s incredibly
experienced and knowledgeable so
I’m always learning.”

Meg Fenn, creative designer, company associate at always possible

“A deeply informed
programme designed
to bring out and
strengthen creative
thinking and

Rachael Dines, Director,
Shake It Up Creative

"By holding you to account, he helps you pursue
your creative goals and develop new wellsprings of creativity you never knew you had.
He is particularly strong at asking you about long-forgotten creative dreams and with tact and humour he brings them back to the surface.
Thank you Nobby!"

Emily Jupp, journalist, TV producer, playwright, aspiring author and life coach